Oct 28, 2010

Sisian Cultural Experiences

Town Sisian, Church Syuni, Zorats Qarer,Waterfall Shakie, Tsak (hole) stone fort

Tsak stone fort - according to folk lore, sick people having problems with nervous system or those who couldn’t have a child used to pass through that small hole for 7 times for praying to Gods to be cured.
Until now some people follow this tradition. Waterfall Shakie is 7 km far from town Sisian, its height is about 18m.
Shakie is considered to be the biggest waterfall in Armenia. Syuni Church is situated in town Sisian and was built in the 6th century on the bases of the pagan temple. It was also called St. Grigor Lousavorich, St. Hovhannes.
The monument of Armenian Genocide Victims and the memorial of Artsakh war are in the church yard.

Zorats Qarer (Armenian Stonehedge)

­­­­­­It is situated 3 km north to the Sisian. It is a complex of hundreds of vertically fixed religious monuments/menhirs. The all stones of the monument are of basalt and on some of them there are hauls.
                There are necropolis ''City of the Dead'' dated 3-1 millennium B.C and a great number of traces of buildings and tombs near the Megalith monument.
                The monument reflects the outlook and the astronomical imagination of its constructors. Based on the worshiping and astronomical viewpoint it is an applicable structure. The holes opened on stones first of all have had a technical meaning and only later it got symbolic-worshiping and probably astronomical meaning.
The Zorats Qarer has been built in 3-2 millennium B.C. and is closely entreated to Megalith monuments.


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