Oct 28, 2010

Road to the Paradise - Ughtasar

Road to Paradise or to Ancestors’ Message Ughtasar.  One of the rock image seems to depict Adam, Eva and apple-tree. The versions of the origin of rock image.  stones.es are quite different.  According to one of them, the information on human extraterrestrial origin from other civilizations is fixed on one of the stones.

Ughtasar's rock images are situated about 25 km north to the Sisian, at the central part of the Syunik Highland, 3300 meters above sea level. These rock testimonies are dated to 5-2 millennium B.C.These are carved on more than a thousand laid stones and depicted people at hunting, working, worshipping. There are depictions of domestic and wild animals, terrestrial bodies, cosmic and other suchlike images.According to the most research studies Adam, Eva, snake, tree are elepicted on the first rock-image.


  1. It is just amazing that the Ughtasar's rock images survived for so long. Road to Paradise is just an appropriate name for this beautiful place.

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