Oct 28, 2010

Artsakh Traditional Tour

Visit to sightseeing of Gharabagh. During the visits tourists will be treated with traditional Armenian dishes (vegetables, asparagus, mountainous natural mushrooms, milk and meat products).

St.Ghazanchetsots cathedral Dadivank monastery
Landscape from Shushi

Silk Road Through Sisian

Through silk road to mineral (medicinal) springs. It starts from Aghitu monument, Vorotnavanq, Meliq Tang’s Bridge, village Shenatagh which is situated among mountains and is famous for its mineral medicinal springs.




Hiking to Tatev Through Forest

Visit to Tatev Manstry through forests. “Chapel Desert” is of special interest, in one corner of which a nut-tree grew. Thanks to its thick trunk the chapel hasn’t been destroyed. Vardan’s cross-stone and the so called ‘White Water’ cold spring can be seen in the forest as well. Getting to Tatev on foot, tourists may come back to guest-house Zorats Qarer by cars, waiting for them in Tatev. On the way back to guest-house tourists will be shown the so called Portaqar old rock-stone where women who suffered from childlessness were cured.

Renaissance Hot Spring

Renaissance hot spring, 30km far from town Sisian, 2200m above sea level, in the spring of Vorotan river, in the alpine zone.The water is warmish. The medical-laboratory inspections of water and natural mud, as well as the experience coming from many centuries showed that they have unique medicinal designation. It influences upon the nerve-muscle system which cures and makes people younger.

Road to the Paradise - Ughtasar

Road to Paradise or to Ancestors’ Message Ughtasar.  One of the rock image seems to depict Adam, Eva and apple-tree. The versions of the origin of rock image.  stones.es are quite different.  According to one of them, the information on human extraterrestrial origin from other civilizations is fixed on one of the stones.

Vardan The Worrier

Vardan Zoravor
Cross Garden

Vardan Zoravor (The worrier) shrine and historic-architectural monuments of Angeghakot. Angeghakot is situated 15km west to town Sisian.People used to visit the shrine of Vardan Zoravor for centuries, make offerings to God for thanks to Vardanants war Armenians could keep their religion – Christianity. The cross-stones are spread throughout the territory of village  Angeghakot and that is why people call it “Cross Garden”.

Sisian Cultural Experiences

Town Sisian, Church Syuni, Zorats Qarer,Waterfall Shakie, Tsak (hole) stone fort

Tsak stone fort - according to folk lore, sick people having problems with nervous system or those who couldn’t have a child used to pass through that small hole for 7 times for praying to Gods to be cured.
Until now some people follow this tradition. Waterfall Shakie is 7 km far from town Sisian, its height is about 18m.
Shakie is considered to be the biggest waterfall in Armenia. Syuni Church is situated in town Sisian and was built in the 6th century on the bases of the pagan temple. It was also called St. Grigor Lousavorich, St. Hovhannes.
The monument of Armenian Genocide Victims and the memorial of Artsakh war are in the church yard.