B&B Zorats Qarer

“Zorats Qarer” guest-house is located in town Sisian, Marz Syuniq, Republic of Armenia. Sisian is a picturesque town, surrounded with mountains, located on both banks of the river Vorotan. The main attraction of the town is Church Syuni, dated to the 6th century, in the neighborhood of Tsak (Holey) stone fort.
“Zorats Qarer” guest-house may organize 7 different tours both on foot and by transport, each of which lasting minimum a day. The above mentioned tours are mainly conducted in summer, when it is hot though Sisian, being mountainous, is famous for its cold springs, fresh air, cool weather and people living in the mountains.

The guest-house is located in the northern part of Sisian from where the town’s panorama is revealed. The guest-house consists of a kitchen, a sitting-room, owner’s room on the first floor and the second floor consists of bedrooms each of which has its own sanitary unit. The yard of the guest-house is decorated with grass-plot and firtrees. There is a swimming-pool outside as well. B&B mainly serves tourists, office employees and families.
B&B organizes 5 trips (Ughtasar rock images, Zorats Qarer, Tanahat church, Cak Qar amrots, Vorotnaberd, Syuni church, Aghitu monument, Vorotnavank, Melik Tang's bridge, The historico-architectural monuments in Angeghakot, Healthy hot water from inside the earth /geyser/ in the mountine /2600m./ and other) in the territory of Sisian on foot, as well as by transport.